Paytm se ONDC Network 2023 Recap: Earphones and Burgers were the most sold itemson the platform, with maximum orders from Bangalore across categories

Telugu super news,National, December 29th,2023:One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR and mobile payments, today announced the release of a Short Recap of 2023 by Paytm se ONDC Network, highlighting trends in consumer behavior and product preferences.

According to Paytm se ONDC Network trends report, Bangalore secured the title of city with
maximum orders across categories. Under the electronics category, earphones are the most
sold item on the platform along with refurbished iPhones, showcasing significant popularity and
the trust users place in pre-owned yet high-quality devices. In the food category, Burgers
claimed the title of the most sold item of the year.
During the fervor of the World Cup, consumer choices were notable with burger and pizza
orders soaring. Interestingly, the World Cup season saw a surge in burger sales, particularly in
cities like Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

Paytm se ONDC Network 2023 report also delves into the diverse culinary preferences across
different regions of India.
Delhi has emerged as a gastronomic hub, securing the title of the city with most food orders in
North India. The evenings in the northern part of the country witness a surge in orders for
traditional snacks like samosa and chhole bhature. However, the crown jewel of Delhi’s culinary
landscape remains pizza, reigning as the most ordered item.
Heading south, the region showcases a distinct fondness for biryani, surpassing its northern
counterpart in the frequency of biryani orders. Bangalore, known for its vibrant food culture,
claims the throne as the most ordering city in the south. It witnessed a blend of traditional and
contemporary tastes, with biryani and pizza emerging as the most ordered food item.
Interestingly, South India ordered breakfast the most whereas Mumbai loved ordering desserts.
Majority of the food orders were placed between 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm.
Paytm ONDC continued to enhance its culinary offerings by onboarding over 100 new
restaurants for food delivery in the last three months. This expansion provided users with a
broader spectrum of choices, contributing to the platform’s overall appeal.
Majority of the grocery orders occurred around 7 pm to 9 pm, indicating peak hours for
convenient and efficient shopping. Bangalore emerged as the city with the highest number in
the Grocery Category.

The ONDC Grocery section has become a diverse marketplace, hosting over 100 Direct-to-
Consumer (D2C) brands. This curated selection ensures users have access to a wide array of
quality products, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
In the category of Whirlpool products, Lucknow emerged as the top-selling city on the Paytm
ONDC platform, showcasing regional variations in consumer preferences.
Paytm se ONDC Network Spokesperson said, “The rich insights derived from the diverse and
dynamic choices made by consumers across various categories in 2023 offer more than just a
glimpse; they stand as confirmation to the platform’s continuous evolution. Paytm se ONDC
Network is not just adapting; it is thriving in a realm where consumer preferences drive
innovation and redefine the future of digital commerce.”

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