Microwave 101 Tips: 5 Things to consider before buying or upgrading to a new microwave

new microwave

The midnight craving for a souffle lying in the refrigerator, piping hot lunch for those who are in the middle of a hectic workday and the delicious bowl of popcorn have one thing in common; a device that comes to our rescue when we need it the most. These are the moments we really bless technology and the microwave. For those who are looking to buy a new one for their homes or for those looking to upgrade their microwave. Here are a few essentials to know. 

Look for the right size, capacity and power consumption: 

Choose a microwave that best suits your family’s lifestyle and kitchen and comes with power efficiency, and bulk cooking features for quicker and more efficient use. However, if you cook small quantities you can go for a less powerful one. This would save you from burning holes in your wallet. 

Even heat distribution hack

Do you face issues with parts of your dish being super cold and the other burning hot? It’s not your microwave’s fault, it’s how you placed the dish. It’s a common mistake to place the dish in the centre of the plate inside your microwave, try placing it on the edge and see the difference for yourself. The edge of the plate is where the heat is directed the most. Here’s to no more disappointments when you bite into the middle of your dish.

No more countdowns: 

No more 3 am worries about waking the whole house up when the timer goes off. There are numerous ways to silence the beeps of your microwave along with a secret hack of pressing down the 0/1 button or the stop button. You can easily find these in the manual book, or the internet will surely come to your rescue.

Efficient Features:

Cooking can’t get much easier than the Auto cook button on the microwave, place your dish in and select the type from the pre-existing menu. The microwave automatically adjusts the power and the time it needs for cooking. Microwaves by Bosch Home Appliances come with an autopilot cooking mode, all one has to do is select the appropriate automatic programme, add the weight of the dish and press ‘Start’. Can’t get more efficient than this! 

Not only does it heat your food it also saves you time:

With features like defrost, you can sit and watch your movie in peace and not worry about getting yelled at by your mom for not leaving the chicken out to defrost! The defrost feature helps in heating frozen food. Some microwaves come with a child lock feature keeps your curious child from having any accidents. With the timer feature you won’t have to keep a check on time – you would just hear a beep from across the kitchen. Saves the worry of forgetting to put an alarm on your phone, why use two devices when all you need is one? 

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