Housing.com To Further Expand its reach in Visakhapatnam

Telugu super news,Visakhapatnam, February 22, 2024 :In the vibrant landscape of Visakhapatnam’s growing infrastructure,  Housing.com, India’s premier digital real estate platform, is ready to leave its mark.

With a keen eye on expanding into emerging areas, the company aims for a high double
digit annual growth rate over the next three years. After experiencing notable success in
Visakhapatnam since its establishment in 2021, with an impressive 200% growth by the end of
the 2023 fiscal year, Housing.com is now poised to enhance its footprint in the City of Destiny.
With a solid foothold and a leading position as a comprehensive digital real estate platform in
Visakhapatnam, Housing.com is now positioned to capitalise on the abundant business
opportunities that the thriving real estate market of Visakhapatnam presents.

In Visakhapatnam, online homebuyer activity indicates a strong interest in apartments with
larger configurations, followed by villas and plots. Preference is shifting towards gated
communities and projects offering a wide range of amenities, reflecting a desire for spacious
and well-equipped living spaces that prioritise convenience and security.

Also, a growing number of property buyers are gravitating towards apartments in northern
micro-markets along the Asian Highway 5 (AH5). Madhurawada stands out for its modern
amenities and accessibility, with Pothinamallayya Palem, Kurmannapalem, and Gajuwaka also
witnessing high demand. Emerging areas like Sheela Nagar near the airport and Yenada along
AH5 are gaining traction due to their growth potential and investment opportunities,
highlighting the city’s dynamic real estate landscape.

These areas are gradually gaining traction among property seekers, drawn by their potential for
growth, upcoming developments, and promising investment opportunities. As Visakhapatnam
continues to expand, these shifting dynamics underscore the city’s evolving real estate scene,
offering a diverse array of options to cater to the changing needs and preferences of buyers.
As part of its comprehensive business expansion strategy, Housing.com also organized a meet-
and-greet event in Visakhapatnam on Feb 16, 2024. The event brought together prominent real
estate developers and property advisors in the region, providing them with a platform to
network, exchange insights, and stay updated on the latest industry trends, technologies, and
best practices. This event signifies Housing.com’s commitment to extending its reach to India’s
Tier-II markets.

Mr. Amit Masaldan, Chief Revenue Officer of Housing.com, expressed his excitement about
the growth strategy, stating, “The dynamic evolution of Visakhapatnam’s infrastructure over
recent years, fueled by projects like the Bhogapuram International Airport and burgeoning
industrial developments, sets a robust foundation for sustained growth in the real estate
sector. We are excited about our robust growth in emerging markets, particularly in the thriving
ecosystem of Visakhapatnam. The city has emerged as a beacon of opportunity, attracting keen
interest from investors and home buyers seeking to capitalise on its potential. With the advent

of remote work trends, many are drawn to Visakhapatnam’s tranquil allure, opting to embrace
its serene landscapes over the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.”

“The surge in demand for online home search platforms in the Southern markets has been
nothing short of remarkable. Our goal is to solidify our position as the ultimate search and
discovery platform for the residents of Visakhapatnam. The pandemic has undoubtedly
propelled the adoption of digital solutions and heightened online demand. Since our entry into
Visakhapatnam in November 2021, we’ve experienced an astounding growth rate of over 200%
in sales. We’re dedicated to amplifying our sales and marketing endeavours in Visakhapatnam,
and we’re optimistic that this upward trajectory will continue,” added Mr. Masaldan.

Ms. Ankita Sood, Head of Research at Housing.com, provided valuable insights into the
thriving market “Visakhapatnam’s remarkable 22-point lead over the average of key 42 cities on
our IRIS index (high- intent property buy activity), indicates a strong uptick in buyer activity. This
surge in demand has driven a notable price increase across the city, particularly in the coveted
localities of Madhurawada and Pothinamallayya Palem witnessing an impressive 10–15% year-
on-year growth in capital values.

In the upcoming period, we expect expansion in areas along AH5 and further north, buoyed by
the mushrooming service sector and upcoming projects such as the Bhogapuram international
airport, developments that will offer lucrative opportunities for both end-users and investors

Housing.com is well-equipped to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the
Visakhapatnam market, offering innovative, tech-backed solutions to ensure a seamless real
estate experience for buyers, sellers, renters, and allied services.

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