Hair Up or Hair Down: Deepika Padukone’s hair game revealed

Telugu super news, february 9,2024: Nothing beats the feeling of a perfect hair day, and who better than the global star Deepika Padukone to share her top-notch hair game? The brand ambassador for Dyson’s hair care technologies, Deepika’s new rapid-fire Q&A video reveals her never-known hair styling secrets.

Sharing about her hair journey, Deepika Padukone said, “My relationship with my hair is a journey of self-expression and confidence. Well-styled, healthy hair defines a personal style statement. Therefore, hair styling should always include essential measures to protect them. I am often asked if I follow a strict regime with lots of products, and my response has always been – keep it simple. Keeping hairstyling simple and damage-free is a problem that Dyson’s haircare range has solved for me. Not only are the products an integral part of my haircare routine since I started using them, but they also help me create effortless styles without worrying about heat damage.”

It’s the hairstyle which makes or breaks the look

If given 15 minutes to get ready, what would one prefer – Breakfast or hair? For Deepika, it’s both! While a fabulous outfit and flawless makeup can undoubtedly elevate one’s appearance, she firmly believes that the right hairstyle holds the key to any look. She expressed, I feel like you can wear the most amazing clothes and have the most amazing makeup, but if you don’t get the hair right, it can literally make or break your look”.

Open Hair all the way

Yes, beautiful open hair is the go-to hairstyle for Deepika Padukone as it works both for the day and the evening. Open hairstyles compliment when you are attending a meeting or running errands and can be effortlessly transformed when the evening calls for dressing up. 

Hair up or hair down? 

It was certainly a difficult choice and Deepika Padukone prefers both. She elaborates, “It really depends on the look, on how I’m feeling, on what I’m wearing, on the occasion.” And, we can’t agree more. This is when the Dyson Airwrap TM Multi-styler comes to the rescue as its different attachments give you the freedom to create versatile hairstyles according to your outfit, mood and occasion. 

Favourite Styling Tool

Both Deepika and her glam team love the Dyson hair care range, especially the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer. “It dries my hair so fast within a couple of minutes and it doesn’t damage the hair at all,” she said.

Sharing her love for Dyson’s hair care range, she added, “Dyson has truly revolutionized the hair care industry. The brand’s ethos, which centers around innovation has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in hair care technology with products like the Airwrap™ multi-styler. It is not only versatile but also convenient to get salon-like hairstyles at home without worrying about extreme heat damage.”

When asked if she has only 10 minutes pre-event how would she style her hair, Deepika shared, “I like to start with a heat protectant, choose a style that’s simple yet elegant and works efficiently with a blow dryer. It’s all about those finishing touches—whether it’s a sleek ponytail or loose waves—that add that touch of glam. The flyaway attachment of Dyson is a perfect way for finishing touches.”

The Dyson hair care range, backed by hair science is engineered to provide superior styles with limited exposure to extreme heat damage. The Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, for example, uses intelligent heat control to prevent heat damage, and its powerful airflow dries hair quickly and evenly.

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