Googly: India’s 1st Ever Multi-Gaming Platform Is Here To Redefine Your Gaming Experience!


Telugu Super News,India,February 1st, 2023:  India witnessed today a gaming revolution with its very own multi-gaming platform, Googly. India’s universal home for ‘all things gaming’ – Googly’s mission is to pioneer a ‘multi-gaming platform’ across different devices with advanced features to engage casual and Esports players and build the largest community of gamers in India.

India has seen a surge in Casual gamers and E-sports enthusiasts, with more than 400 mn gamers in the country and a market size of more than $2.6 billion. However, there is a lack of a structured platform in the country that drives a complete gaming experience and caters to the needs of all gamer types. To address this market gap, a team led by industry veterans from technology, gaming, marketing, and brand building started their journey of building Googly – India’s 1st multi-gaming platform in late 2021.

Following this vision, Googly created a multi-feature set platform providing its users an opportunity to create their custom tournaments where they can battle it out with their friends or join tournaments hosted by other users of the platform for their favourite titles, make new friends, get social, stay updated to the latest happenings in the world of gaming, and shop for their favourite in-game assets via the Googly Shop.

Talking about the launch of Googly, Mr. Shubhodip Pal, Co-founder & CEO said “We are elated that Indian gamers can finally witness a unique gaming experience through Googly. Our endeavour is to democratise gaming and make it accessible to all. Googly is an effort not only to ensure that gamers can easily access all their needs on a single platform, but also for all gamers to form their own unique communities and host custom tournaments to play with their friends. Our platform is a ‘one-stop for everything gaming’ with its multi-feature sets available to all its users under one subscription. We at Googly are proud to present India a platform that is here to revolutionise the country’s gaming experience and become India’s largest gaming community.”

Googly is home to a plethora of carefully crafted features to give Indian gamers a unique and personalised gaming experience wherein they can form customisable tournaments, meet, interact, make friends, play with alike gamers, shop in-game assets, and form their own unique gaming communities. Some of the key features also include community engagement & management, a tournament engine, platform leader boards, an Esports bracket manager, league management for “fair play”, chat forums, a tournament chat function, community moderation, PvP battles, Seasons, E-Store for game vouchers, all available to the gamers under one subscription. The platform can also be accessed on varied devices through its multi-platform functionality. To enhance the gaming experience, Googly also has an app that mirrors the entire functionalities of the platform, and addresses every gamer’s needs even on-the-go. A first of its kind which caters to both Esports and casual gamers.

With its vision of democratizing India’s gaming space, Googly comes with extremely affordable subscription packages starting from 39 INR per month for casual gamers, and 99 INR per month for all gamers whether its esports or casual. Googly has over 100+ cloud-based games to choose from; No game downloads required, helping a user save real estate on their mobile phone. 


With over 50 Esports titles to create and participate tournaments for, Googly also aims to contribute to the growing Esports culture in India by ensuring that budding gamers in the country can upskill as pro-gamers and become Esports professionals with its upcoming coaching feature. Furthermore, as believers in responsible gaming, the platform comes with safeguards, and checks and balances to ensure fair-play and a safe gaming experience for all users of the platform.

Celebrating its launch; Googly is providing a free trial for 30 days to all its members to come experience the platform, including 5000 Googly Reward Points to begin their exciting journey being part of India’s biggest gaming community. The website will go live at 12:00 PM on the 1st of February and can be accessed here –

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