Go on a self-awakening journey with BODHI, a 3-day spiritual intensive.

Go on a self-awakening journey with BODHI, a 3-day spiritual intensive.

BODHI, a three-day spiritual course led by Sri Preethaji, will be held at Shilpakala Vedika, Shilparamam, Hi-tech City, Hyderabad, Telangana 50081 on the 11th, 12th & 13th of November 2022. Sri Preethaji has inspired many people all over the world under her blessed presence and guidance and this spiritual course will assist one in having a life-changing experience.

Bodhi is a transformative journey that aids in self-awakening. Sri Preethaji’s groundbreaking discoveries and transcendental journeys will pave the way for incredible achievements, long-lasting love in relationships, empowering parenting, and conscious wealth creation. In the most crucial parts of life, Bodhi emphasizes the divine science of change and finding spiritual solutions. You will awaken to complete peace and flow with life.

Sri Preethaji inspires profound awakenings in you throughout Bodhi, helping you to overcome insurmountable hurdles in your life. Sri Preethaji’s awakenings help you realize your actual potential as a human being and build a prosperous existence. Bodhi is a spiritual experience that occurs in your consciousness rather than a strategy.

Sri Preethaji will take you through a series of mystic practices that will lead to transcendence. You will be awakened from deep-seated misconceptions if you immerse yourself in these mystic processes throughout your Bodhi experience.

Experience the enchanting path of bodhi under the divine guidance of Sri Preethaji to align with the world’s peace and enjoy the beauty of love and peacefulness that lies within. The spiritual course is designed to align and harmonize your internal voice with the spiritual realm over the course of three days. It will lead you to leave the world’s chaos behind and listen to your heart’s melody of repose. With Sri Preethaji’s enlightened presence, witness the power of enlightenment and feel the life-changing experience of mystic transformation.

Sri Preethaji is a modern-day sage and a spiritual philosopher. With her husband, Sri Krishnaji, she co-founded Ekam Kshetra, a celestial arena for self-realization and God-realization, which has millions of seekers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is a world-renowned spiritual leader known for her powerful blessings, profound wisdom, deep processes, and, most importantly, her mystic Limitless field meditation.

More info visit: https://www.ekam.org/india/bodhi/

Mobile: 9000991074

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