Get Ready for An Insightful Journey with ‘James Webb: The $10 Billion Space Telescope’


Mankind’s fascination with space and the desire to explore more has been defined by immense
risk and resilience, featuring gigantic machines designed to discover new interstellar worlds. With
the biggest space telescope ever built sharing the first images of stars lighting up the cosmos,
Sony BBC Earth is all set to premiere James Webb: The $10 Billion Space Telescope. The show
will give viewers a walkthrough of the most powerful astronomical observatory on the planet. The
channel will also premiere Walks With My Dog – a joyful gaiety of pet owners and their canines
and Impossible Animals – a factual documentary revealing unusual truths about the animal

Making viewers experience the behind-the-scenes feel of Space, James Webb: The $10 Billion
Space Telescope showcases the making of the $10bn glittering space jewel and answers why
are telescopes put into space. The show delves deeper into NASA telescope, set to orbit one
million miles from Earth with the capability to see back to the beginning of the universe, find new
planets, and detect signs of extra-terrestrial life. It narrates the incredible story of the most
ambitious, complex, and expensive science experiment ever attempted.

As the month of August is often referred to as the “dog days of summer”, experience a pawsome
time with Sony BBC Earth’s Walks with my Dog! Dogs adore going for walks, so much so that
many owners spell out w-a-l-k when discussing the activity to keep their canines calm. The six-
episodic series showcases one-of-a-kind walks with dogs in various parts of the world. Taking
viewers further into the animal kingdom is Sony BBC Earth’s Animal Impossible. This show
reveals the world’s most amazing animals and how they overcome obstacles. It further
demonstrates how some animals evolve themselves by pushing their bodies, behaviors, and
abilities to extraordinary levels to fight these challenges.

Tune in to stories of man’s best friend with Walks with My Dog from August 3, every
Wednesday at 10:00 PM, get a virtual tour of space with James Webb: The $10 Billion Space
Telescope premiering August 14 at 9:00 PM, and watch Impossible Animals from August 15,

every Monday at 9:00 PM, only on Sony BBC Earth!

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