FMC India installs community water filtration plant in Narayanpet

FMC India installs community

Telugu Super mews,Narayanpet, December 27, 2022: As part of its commitment to make farming communities more sustainable, FMC Corporation today announced that it has inaugurated a new water filtration plant in the village of Sangam Banda in the Narayanpet district in the Indian state of Telangana.

The initiative is part of FMC’s community outreach program in India, known as Project Samarth which seeks to increase access to clean, potable water for farming communities. The plant has the capacity to produce 500 liters of filtered water per hour and is capable of meeting the safe water requirement of more than 400 households in the village. The new water system is expected to reduce waterborne diseases and make a significant difference to the health of the villagers.

“Project Samarth is an expression of our commitment to better living standards of Indian farmers and their families sustainably,” said Mr. Ravi Annavarapu, President of FMC India, “Since 2019, FMC has commissioned more than 60 filtration plants in villages across Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. With the positive response received over the years, the initiative is now also being extended to villages in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. We believe that these water filtration plants will make a tangible positive difference in the health index of the villages in time to come. We aim to make safe and potable drinking water accessible to 3 Lakh farmer families across the country by 2023.”

Each family registered as a beneficiary under Project Samarth receives an “Any Time Water” (ATW) swipe card, which releases 20 liters with each swipe. FMC is also actively involved in a door-to-door campaign to raise awareness among villagers about the benefits of drinking water that meets clean drinking water standards.

The new water filtration plant in Sangambanda, Narayanpet was inaugurated by Gram Pradhan Mr. K Raju, Former Gram Pradhan Mr. M Keshava Reddy, Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency Member Mr. K Thimmappa, along with the FMC India and Community Development Foundation teams.

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