Duolingo launches a fun, free, and innovative English Course for Telugu Speakers

Telugu super news,23th August 2023:   Duolingo, the world’s most popular language-learning app, today launched a new Indian language course on its platform that allows users to learn English from Telugu. The fourth most spoken language in India, Telugu, joins the roster of Indian languages available on the app, alongside successful English courses already available for Hindi and Bengali speakers.

With nearly 96 million speakers worldwide, Telugu is one of the top 20 most spoken languages globally. Recognizing the growing presence and influence of Telugu speakers not only in India but also beyond national borders, Duolingo’s latest offering is designed to empower Telugu speakers with a free and enjoyable platform to master English.

English is the top language of choice for learners on Duolingo in India, particularly amongst users aged 18 to 25 years old. This is because English is increasingly being adopted by younger generations in India and is viewed as essential for career opportunities, particularly within the country’s burgeoning technology sector. Additionally, there is a high demand for proficiency in English among young people seeking opportunities abroad.

A recent survey conducted by Duolingo in collaboration with YouGov revealed that 90% of Telugu speakers believe that English is quintessential for enhancing career prospects and accessing better educational resources. Additionally, 81% of the respondents expressed that proficiency in English can bolster self-confidence and enable greater engagement within English-speaking communities.

Commenting on the launch of the third Indian language course on Duolingo designed for learners to learn English, Country Marketing Manager, Duolingo India, Karandeep Singh Kapany said “As one of the official languages of India and the most widely spoken language globally, English holds a crucial role in personal, educational, and professional spheres for Indians. Given the success of our courses for Hindi and Bengali speakers, we aspire to empower Telugu speakers with our new course, enabling effective communication and fostering opportunities that open doors to a world of possibilities.”

To announce the new Telugu-English course, Duolingo has kicked off a creative, social-first campaign inspired by the adoration for the Tollywood industry in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The campaign features engaging activities, including a special green carpet event for the brand’s mascot, Duo. Additionally, paying homage to the historic art form of poster cut-outs, in a first-of-its-kind move, the brand will unveil a vintage-style 60-foot hand-painted poster starring Duo as a Tollywood superstar at the green carpet event.

India stands as Duolingo’s fifth-largest market in terms of daily active users (DAUs) and is the second-fastest growing among the company’s top 10 markets. Alongside English, the other popular languages that Indians are learning on the platform include Hindi, French, Korean, and Spanish.

Duolingo is designed to make learning enjoyable, offering quick, bite-sized lessons that aid learners in gaining real-world communication skills. The ‘bite-sized’ lessons provided on Duolingo are designed for flexibility, enabling learning on the go and to fit into any schedule. Additionally, a noteworthy aspect of Duolingo is its lessons that integrate game-like elements, making it fun. Duolingo can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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