Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services and DNDi to explore joint opportunities to develop affordable

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services and DNDi to explore joint opportunities to develop affordable

Neglected Tropical Diseases Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. (“Dr. Reddy’s”)
and Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Limited (“APSL”), a contract research, development and manufacturing
services organisation and fully owned stepdown subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s announce a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), a not-for-profit research and
development organisation that develops new therapeutic solutions for neglected diseases and the DNDi India

The parties will explore a potential collaboration to develop and market novel and improved drugs for the treatment
of identified Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) of national and global importance. The parties will also seek to
work towards ensuring access of those drugs at affordable prices to patients in need particularly in Low and
Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) that are disproportionately affected by these NTDs. This potential partnership
will aim to bring DNDi’s expertise in NTDs together with the scientific, technical and commercial capabilities of
APSL and Dr. Reddy’s – access to a pipeline of new chemical entities, pre-clinical studies, network and advocacy
on these NTDs by DNDi; phase-wise clinical studies, research and development, commercial manufacturing of
the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and the finished products by APSL; distribution and
commercialisation of the drugs by Dr. Reddy’s.
Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a diverse group of 20 conditions that are mainly prevalent in tropical
. Globally, 1.7 billion people are affected by NTDs such as mycetoma, sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis
(kala azar), Chagas disease, and river blindness. Across continents, NTDs cause intense suffering, disability and
often death, and impoverish individuals, families, and communities2

Deepak Sapra, CEO – API and Services, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., said: “In keeping with our purpose of
Good Health Can’t Wait, we have always stood for access to affordable and innovative drugs. We are grateful for
this opportunity to explore a collaboration with DNDi, a globally renowned champion of the cause of neglected
diseases with strong networks and know-how in this segment. We will look to leverage the strengths and
capabilities of all the parties to explore new drugs with the intention of making them available in India and in
countries with high disease burden in these NTDs. This potential partnership reinforces our aim as an organisation
to triple our existing reach to touch over 1.5 billion patients around the world by 2030, and to introduce innovative
products to improve standard of care.”

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services and DNDi to explore joint opportunities to develop affordable

Dr. Bernard Pecoul, Executive Director, DNDi said, “We are excited to explore the possibility of a strategic
long-term collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to develop affordable and effective therapeutics for
neglected populations. India is hailed as the ‘pharmacy of the world’ and a potential partnership with one of its
pharmaceutical giants can help hundreds of thousands of neglected patients to access the drugs they need. We
appreciate Dr. Reddy’s for stepping forward to contribute to the field of neglected diseases that has historically
been ignored by many pharmaceutical companies.”

Akhil Ravi, CEO, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd., said, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to
explore a partnership with DNDi and use our robust manufacturing capabilities and CDMO services to serve a
large population around the world in the NTDs segment. Over the years, APSL has delivered novel and complex
molecules. With integrated services from clinical research to commercial manufacturing for small and large
molecules, APSL has a strong track record of working on multiple projects across various therapy areas. Through
our strong pipeline of innovative drug candidates in discovery and clinical development, we aim to become the
trusted and dynamic partner for future-ready healthcare solutions.”

Dr. Kavita Singh, Director, DNDi South Asia said, ‘’This potential partnership aims to leverage each other’s
expertise and strengths while working together to develop new treatments that address public health needs in
India and beyond. The selection will be made from DNDi’s portfolio of new chemical entities in different stages of
development. DNDi with its partners are continuing their efforts to develop treatments that are oral, safe, and

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