DICV Steps Up its Game on Excellence across its BharatBenz Sales and Service Network

Telugu super news,Chennai,December 6th,2023:Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG (“Daimler Truck”), announced its plan of action to step up the capability and competence of its technical personnel across its BharatBenz sales and service network.

In collaboration with its dealer partners Dhingra Trucking and Autobahn Trucking, DICV has inaugurated two more BharatBenz Regional Training Centers (RTC), one in Dharuhera (Haryana) and another in Pune (Maharashtra), which add to the two RTCs already established in Chennai and Odisha. BharatBenz Regional Training Centers are established to upskill and reskill the capability and competence of over 3500 drivers and, sales and service personnel across the BharatBenz network, year on year. These centers are equipped to provide comprehensive product knowledge, advanced product and customer servicing skills and many such essential tools.

Mr. Sreeram Venkateswaran, President & Chief Business Officer, Domestic Sales & Customer Service, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, said, “BharatBenz Regional Training Centers are inaugurated in locations that are closer to our authorized dealerships and service centres. Over the past four years, we have trained around 15,000 BharatBenz technicians, sales staff and drivers. Achieving excellence is a continuous and consistent process, which we believe in and have been observing since inception of brand BharatBenz. We will strive to consistently take this level of excellence up by making our personnel more capable and more competent as BharatBenz goes on to break new ground in the coming years.”

The RTC in Dharuhera, in partnership with Dhingra Trucking is spread across 6,600 sq. ft. and the Autobahn Trucking-backed center in Pune covers 7,800 sq. ft. Both facilities accommodate 60 trainees simultaneously, featuring dedicated trainers, 500+ tools, and two BS6 vehicles with 10 truck and bus aggregates. This setup ensures a thorough grasp of DICV vehicles and their components, facilitating top-notch technical training.

To further hone the skills and competence of these personnel, DICV conducts a BharatBenz National Skills Contest to test the excellence of their personnel, real time. The BharatBenz National Skills Contest focuses on assessing and enhancing the knowledge, mindset, skills, and tools of dealership sales and service teams to enhance customer experience. The contest’s impact will further strengthen DICV’s initiatives like ‘BharatBenz Rakshana’, which is modelled to offer quick service in the least possible time, ensuring BharatBenz trucks are back on the road in no time thereby having a positive impact on customers’ business growth and profitability.

The BharatBenz National Skill Contest 2023, witnessed a remarkable 99% participation rate from 3400+ participants, including 750+ sales executives and 2650+ service executives, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Mr. Sreeram Venkateswaran further commented that “While we train our personnel in the Regional Training Centers, our BharatBenz National Skills Contest is conducted by us, in our premises, to polish off the rough edges and train our personnel to be excellent in what they do. The National Skills Contest 2023 witnessed impressive participation, reinforced the significance of cross-learning and innovation. This complements our digitalization initiative, Simulated Driver Trainer (SDT), including our e-learning modules which are aimed at modernizing truck and bus driving techniques in India while promoting safety and efficiency.”

BharatBenz provides exceptional service to its Indian customers through initiatives such as Rakshana, BharatBenz Exchange and BharatBenz Certified. The Rakshana program is an uptime assurance initiative that aims at completing service and repair jobs at our authorized service centres within 48 hours. Its conveniently located dealerships and service stations along major highways ensure accessibility for all customers. BharatBenz Exchange is a program that offers customers a new BharatBenz truck in exchange for a used truck of any other brand. BharatBenz Certified refurbishes and retails pre-owned BharatBenz trucks that can serve customers beyond the normal lifecycle of a commercial vehicle.

With over 330+ outlets across India, BharatBenz’s extensive network covers key national highways, including the Golden Quadrilateral, ensuring assistance within 2 hours for customers on these routes.

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