Data from Indus Health Plus show that females have higher level of creatinine than male

Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd.

Telugu Super News,National, March 10, 2023: This Year World Kidney Day theme is ‘Kidney Health for All – Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable’, to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to our health and to reduce the impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. To highlight the rising incidences of Kidney diseases, Indus Health Plus – a pioneer in preventive healthcare has observed trends related to creatinine level based on the healthcare check-ups conducted. The study examined health check-ups from Jan Dec 2022, indicating that 11.4 % of males and 17.4 % of females, were requiring urgent intervention medically.

Regarding the health check-up data, Mr. Amol Naikawadi, JMD & Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus said “Self-medication is considered as one of the reasons of rising Kidney abnormalities among people. Drug induced renal failure due to uncontrolled use of antibiotics, diuretics, pain killer, laxatives is one of the major causes of kidney diseases. It is suggested to take medication under doctors’ supervision. Many pre-existing health conditions are also responsible for Kidney damage and requires regular follow-up with physician (BP, Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid disorders etc). It is recommended to monitor weight regularly and ensure consumption of balanced diet regularly, drink adequate water daily and maintain active lifestyle.

Of the sample size of 8,800 health check-ups that were undertaken, between Jan-Dec 2022, 5099 were males and 3701 were females. It was observed that 11.4 % of males and 17.4 % of females, were requiring urgent intervention medically, which is quite high. 

Creatinine Level

StatusFMGrand Total
Grand Total370150998800

Creatinine Level

Grand Total100%100%100%
Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd.

The role that kidneys play in human function is crucial. Kidneys’ other important functions extends beyond the filtration and excretion of metabolic waste products. These include stimulating the production of red blood cells, maintaining fluid and acid-base balance, controlling the absorption of water, maintaining intravascular volume, and maintaining hormonal functions through the activation of erythropoietin, calcitriol, and vitamin D.

Maintaining kidney health and preventing the most prevalent kidney illnesses, including chronic kidney disease, autoimmune problem, diabetic kidney disease, hypertension, cystic kidney disease, infections and dysfunctions of the urinary tract, and renal calculus.

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