Cyber Awareness: Pallavi Stridethon Triumphs in Promoting Cyber Safety Awareness

Telugu super news,August 13th,2023:Pallavi International School,Bachupally, in partnership with Edistys Foundation, organized the “Pallavi Stridethon,” a lively 5K walk event aimed at raising awareness about the vital subject of cyber safety and security, in a magnificent display of togetherness and resolution. This event, which took place on 12th August’ 2023, attracted notice for both its deserving cause and its amazing list of esteemedguests.

The list of guests honoured during the Stridethon was nothing short of impressive. The chief guest, Sri. Ramesh from Cyber Crime department, emphasized the need of cyber safety in a larger social framework. The COO of DPS and the Pallavi Group of Schools, Mr. Malka Yasasvi, demonstrated his leadership in the field of education by highlighting how crucial it is to teach students about cyber safety in the context of the classroom.

Dynamic Director of Pallavi group of schools Mr.Sushil Kumar emphasised on importance of educating the young minds about cybercrime and how to arrest it. He also announced that the school is tied up with Edistys Foundation, an organization that works towards educating the school students. He also shared that a model curriculum on cyber safety is introduced where students will be trained and declared as cyber scouts.

Principal of Pallavi International School, Bachupally, Mrs Anuradha started the event by greeting the students and parents. She also shared that the cyber scouts of the school will take up the responsibility of educating peer students and community about cyber safety.

The main attraction of the event was a 5K walk, “Pallavi’s Stridethon” saw participants from various Pallavi and other schools joined together to support internet safety. Over 1200 people attended the event, including students, parents, and staff members, which was outstanding.

The participants’ excited voices echoed with slogans as they marched together. The catchy and thought-provoking slogans all served to emphasize the importance of internet safety.

An enriching aspect of the event was the collaboration with Decathlon, a partner in promoting healthy living. Every participant received a medal from Decathlon, a tangible acknowledgment of their engagement in this critical cause and their successful completion of the Stridethon.

As the event concluded, it was evident that the collective effort put forth by Pallavi International SchoolBachupally,SponsoresEdistys,Cyber Skool, Decathlon, Fab Food, SLG hospitals and Collaborators  Tharuni, Bharath Foundation, Lead Life foundation, Siri Muvva Arts, UNICEF, Save the Child, HCG, Youth for Seva, My choices and Neupix and all of the participants had helped to create a community that was more aware and prepared to face the challenges of the digital era head-on.

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