Centrum unveils new campaign with Kajal Aggarwal for its range of Multivitamin & Protein powders

Telugu super news,India,December 21st,2023: Centrum, the World’s number 1 Multivitamin Brand # , has announced actress and entrepreneur Kajal Aggarwal as a brand ambassador for the launch of its new range of Multivitamin & Protein Powders in India.

Many Indians may not be aware of their overall nutritional needs. In fact, 8 out of 10 Indians
may be multivitamin deficient*. Centrum’s campaign, with Kajal, promotes the importance of
a balanced diet, and inclusion of multivitamins along with diet to fill nutritional gaps. It
highlights Kajal’s seamless management of her multiple roles with Centrum’s support.
Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Kajal said “Being an actress,
entrepreneur, and a new mother, I strive to give my 100% every day, and to keep up with a
multi-life like mine, it is essential to take care of one’s body and health on the inside.

I’m excited to be associated with a trusted brand like Centrum for this new Multivitamin Protein
Powders and gummies range. It is heartening to witness a brand that truly cares for women
and enables them to prioritise their own health. With this partnership, I hope to inspire Indian
women to take charge of their health inside, so they can shine with their best glow outside.”

Commenting on this new association, Anurita Chopra, Head of Marketing, India
Subcontinent, Haleon said, “Having a multi-life is the new way of living, and to excel in the
multiple roles we play, staying healthy is essential. Centrum aims to encourage individuals to
provide their body with the required multivitamins along with their daily diet essential for their
multi-life roles.

Kajal, being an inspiration for many, is the perfect fit to inspire Indians to
prioritise their health every day. We hope to not only educate Indians on the importance of
multivitamins but also drive behavioural change that enables Indians to be healthy inside,
and glow outside.”

Arijit Sengupta, Executive Creative Director – FCB Interface “Our collaboration with
Kajal Aggarwal for Centrum Women and Kids Multivitamin & Protein powders is a testament

to our commitment to authenticity. As a real-life mom as well as an actress, Kajal leads a
very active multi-life where she has to juggle between her personal and professional
commitments. So, she understands the need for adding multivitamins to her everyday diet
and gets all her essential nutrients from the Centrum Women Multivitamin & Protein. She
also truly brings out the energy and vibrance Centrum stands for, effortlessly embodying the
brand ethos of ‘More power to you’.”

Mithun Mukherjee, Executive Creative Director – FCB Interface “In today’s fast-paced
life, women often find themselves juggling multiple roles, including those of a caregiver,
professional, partner, and possibly a parent. Unfortunately, their diet ends up playing catch-
up with their life, creating a gap. Multivitamins become extremely important to fulfil it. We
brought in Kajal, a self-professed consumer of Centrum Multivitamins, to represent the
promise of multi-life for women of our country. She has a unique voice and uses it effectively
to communicate with her followers across social media platforms, so she became the perfect
fit for our campaign.

With this new category of Multivitamin & Protein Powders along with Multivitamin
gummies, Centrum, is uniquely positioned to cater to people’s diverse needs and unlock
their full potential everyday. Centrum is available across men, women and children.
Women’s and Men’s variant provide 24 vital vitamins, minerals, and plant protein for overall
health. The Kid’s variant provides 24 vital vitamins, minerals, probiotics along with plant &
milk-based protein for holistic growth.

As the most clinically studied multivitamin brand, Centrum aims to make it effortless for
people to lead healthy, multi-faceted lives.

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