BSH home appliances atthe IFA 2022 trade fair: trendsetting innovations and smart home appliances for unique experiences

BSH home appliances atthe IFA 2022 trade fair

This year’s IFA trade fair will be held in its usual form for the first time since 2019, as an attendance event with participation by the public. This is the perfect occasionfor BSH Hausgeräte GmbH to present innovative appliances and intelligent technologies from all product areas, and to showcase its own brands in an impressive way. Bosch, Siemens, Home Connect and the new BSH brand Solitaire will exhibit together for the first time in the whole of exhibition hall 1.1 in Berlin from September 2 to 6.

The smart kitchen is at the center of this year’s IFA presentations by BSH brands. Cooking, baking and frying become a new experience here:simple, convenient, sustainable and, above all, precisely tailored to people’s individual needs and expectations. In a seamless interplay of digital solutions and smart home appliances, consumers can tailor cooking, baking and frying ever more precisely to their personal preferences. This makes everyday life easier andmore convenient, and ensures better, more sustainable results.Matthias Ginthum, Chief Markets Officer of BSH, says:

“With our devices and services, we help improve the quality of life at home for many millions of people every day. The BSH brands and the coordinated, intelligent interaction of home appliances and digital solutions make a relevant contribution in this respect. How this works in everyday life is exemplified by our new premium oven series from Bosch and Siemens, which can be individually adapted to consumers’ wishes and needs with the help of many smart, innovative functions.”

Seamless interaction ensures a new digital kitchen experience

A first important step for the optimal, sensible use of various appliances and services: BSH offers connectivity for all new large home appliances. They can be integrated into the Home Connect ecosystem and can thus also communicate with each other. Consumers still operate their home appliances in the traditional way via touchscreens and buttons, or interact with the oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or cooker hood through the Home Connect app, popular voice assistants and smartwatches.
In addition, there are innovations such as an oven which, thanks to artificial intelligence, reflects the user’s wishes – from tips for correct oven setting and remote control to the preferred degree of browning. The new Smart Kitchen Dock also supports cooking, baking and frying processes in the kitchen as a voice-first smart display. Applications such as the foodfittery recipe app provide inspiration, and simplify everyday life in a way precisely tailored to the user’s own expectations. Now, sharing favorite recipes is also no problem for all users of theCookit, the smart food processor with a cooking function from Bosch: Thanks to a new function in the Home Connect app, all available recipes can be shared – via e-mail or messenger apps.

Smart, energy-efficient home appliances support a more sustainable lifestyle. This is an important decision criterion for consumers, especially in an age of rising energy costs and scarce resources. With transparent consumption data and individual setting options, the new premium washing machines help minimize energy and water use as well as the amount of detergent or cleaning agent required. Among other things, this is made possible by highly efficient water management and the latest i-DOS automatic dosing function with detergent recognition. As a result, they even undercut the highest energy efficiency class A by a further 20 percent. For example, the dishwasher learns as it operates: It takes energy and water consumption into account, and suggests an economical program alternative via the Home Connect app.

BSH home appliances atthe IFA 2022 trade fair

The new premium oven range: heard, understood and implemented!

The new oven series was developedbased 100 percent on consumer feedback. Fully automatic functions simplify the roasting or baking program and support the wish for smart processes in the kitchen.

The Siemens iQ700 bakes using artificial intelligence for the first time, thus advancing into another future technology. The combination of sensor technology, user feedback and intelligent algorithms ensures that baking and roasting results are optimally adapted to individual preferences – for example, the browning sensor ensures exactly the desired degree of browning for pizza, lasagna, croissants etc.The cooking process is continuously monitored via a camera. Once the desired browning level is reached, the oven switches off automatically. The oven can also be viewed in real time through the camera via the Home Connect app. The improved oven assistant in the Home Connect app supports consumers’ wish to use more dish-specific programs in addition to the standard heating modes, thus ensuring even better results. It can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, the Smart Kitchen Dock and the Home Connect app. The oven assistant’s skill won an award for “Best Food & Drink Skill” in the Alexa Skills Challenge 2021.

The new Bosch Series 8 premium oven range also offers a great deal: The integrated AirFry mode and a special accessory in the form of an AirFry tray now enable the hot-air frying of dishes that previously needed a lot of fat to prepare – just as delicious, but much healthier than in the past.
The new steam cooking function also contributes to a more conscious diet. Thanks to it, foodsare gently heated at up to 120 degrees, and vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

In the new oven range, great emphasis has also been placed on design, thus allowing the oven to be aesthetically integrated into open-plan kitchens and a holistic interior design. The new smartphone-like TFT touch displays ensure simple, intuitive operation.

Many other smart innovations and Solitaire, a world first

BSH home appliances atthe IFA 2022 trade fair

BSH brands present many more innovations at the IFA 2022 trade fair: The new “Bottom Freezer No Frost” refrigerator also brings smart solutions such as the “Recipes based on stock” function, with which consumers discover new recipes in the Home Connect app based on the ingredients found in the fridge and pantry. In conjunction with an intelligent shopping list to optimize planning, this avoids unnecessary purchases and reduces food waste.

The baristaMode of the new smart EQ900 fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens allows coffeelovers to set all the parameters such as water and coffee quantity, degree of grind, brewing temperature and milk temperature/quantity individually and precisely via the Home Connect app. Doubly practical: with the new dualBean system, there is always the option to choose between two types of coffee. The EQ900 is fitted with two bean hoppers, and a separate electronic grinder can be adjusted for each of them. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side will use the beanIdent system. This function automatically makes ideal settings for the chosen coffee beans, and gets the very best out of them.

BSH’s new Waterbase appliance category is the answer to transforming the kitchen from a separate workspace to an area integrated into the living space. While design has become increasingly important for many appliances, one part of the kitchen has hardly changed at all: the sink, which in many kitchens is still purely a work area. The Waterbase fitting is equipped with Hydronic Select and, depending on the variant, allows up to six different options to prepare water: still water cooled to room temperature and chilled ice cold, sparkling water in classic and medium sparkle strengths, water at about 80°C, and boiling water that is at around 100°C. Of course, the Waterbase is also integrated into the Home Connect ecosystem via the Home Connect app

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