After Divestment, HGS Healthcare Becomes Sagility, Unveils New Brand Identity

HGS Healthcare Becomes Sagility

HGS Healthcare today announced “Sagility” as its new brand identity. The
company, a strategic partner for healthcare payers and providers provides industry-leading technology
and transformation-driven BPM services. Thisenables healthcare businesses to deliver efficient and high-
quality services to their members.

Speaking on the new brand identity, Ramesh Gopalan, Group CEO of Sagility said “Sagility means
wisdom in action”. In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry, our clients and potential clients need
partners who are flexible, dynamic and have deep expertise. Our decades of healthcare domain
expertise, coupled with our responsiveness and agility, provide the right base to build on for the future.
Sagility will build on this legacy and enhance its service offerings with Technology and Analytics,thereby
enablingthe companyto offer hi-impact transformative solutions.”

HGS Healthcare Becomes Sagility

“Members, patients, providers and all healthcare constituents have long expected an enhanceduser
experience from their health insurance plan and healthcare provider,” added Gopalan. He further said
that“Our deep domain expertise, automation, analytics-led transformation, BPaaS, and our back-office
and clinicaloperations all help healthcare companies run their businesses more efficiently while helping
them align more closely with their constituents.”

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