Telugu super news,National, May 31st,2023: ACKO has revealed unscrupulous elements of defrauding and misusing online motor insurance in the country. In light of recent events, ACKO has highlighted that a few individuals are duping innocent policyholders by making phone calls and engaging them in fraudulent activity for their car insurance. The company has identified this unlawful practice and has filed a police complaint against fraudsters under IPC Section 420 (cheating) and the Information Technology Act.

To cite a specific case, Rajesh Rane, an anonymous individual whose details are yet to be tracked, was busted during his fraud activity. He engaged ACKO policyholders during insurance renewals and tricked them into transferring the premium amount to his bank accounts. As a result, ACKO has filed a formal FIR complaint against Rajesh Rane, and the police are on the lookout for him.

ACKO takes cognizance of such scams and, as a practice, voids such policies and takes severe legal action against the culprits. In addition, ACKO has issued a public notice to notify the policyholders about such malpractices.

While commenting on the scam, the legal team at ACKO said, “Customers’ rights and security is paramount for us at ACKO. As soon as we learn about such practices, we work with local authorities and police to arrest these culprits. We are working with local authorities to be on a constant lookout for these fraudsters across the cities and are confident of ending this menace. Meanwhile, we also request our customers to be more cautious and only use our app and website to buy our products.

ACKO urges customers to purchase the policy directly from a certified insurer website such as or the official app.

PLEASE NOTE: IN NO SCENARIO DOES ACKO TAKE PAYMENTS IN INDIVIDUAL BANK ACCOUNTS. Customers should be cautious and avoid making payments in individual accounts in any given circumstance.

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