360LIFE, a leading real estate developer is committed to spearheading a strategic shifttowards sustainability..

Telugu super news,June 6th,2023: First and foremost, 360LIFE introduces a paradigm shift in luxury living. Our premium sky villas, located in the prime Hitec City of Hyderabad, offer a sensory experience like no other. Beyond opulent amenities and exceptional design, our ethos revolves around holistic living and harmonizing with nature. With stunning vertical forestry, our sky villas embody the fusion of modern luxury and eco-consciousness.

In our endeavor to create sustainable spaces, we have successfully transformed a
construction site into a green oasis. Through meticulous planning and innovative techniques, we have integrated lush greenery and natural elements seamlessly into our projects. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also promotes ecological balance and improves the overall well-being of residents.

Our green solutions encompass an array of industries so we can offer a
comprehensive ecosystem of sustainable solutions:
• Dairy
• Property consulting
• Healthy restaurants and food businesses
• Healthy sweets and bakeries
• Transdisciplinary health consulting.
• Investments
• Design consulting
• 360 Life Foundation (CSR Wing)
• Engineering and infrastructure
• Legal consulting
• Organic food and lifestyle products
Collaboration is key to driving impactful change, which is why we are proud to partner with the Parisara Foundation. By joining forces with government entities, academic institutions, NGOs and citizen groups, we aim to transform the urban ecology of GREATER HYDERABAD. Through scientific studies, charitable activities and the promotion of industry, media, art and culture, our collaborative efforts will create a sustainable and thriving environment for all.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce the launch of the NIGHA app, developed by 360 LIFE Foundation. This groundbreaking application provides citizens with valuable data on air quality, water parameters, green cover quality, soil quality, and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). With NIGHA, individuals can monitor the environmental factors that impact their well-being and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

On this World Environment Day, we are honored to have esteemed dignitaries as our Chief Guests to inaugurate these initiatives. We believe that through our collective efforts, we can create a greener, more resilient world for generations to come.


centred around making HYDERABAD GREENER AND GREATER with clean air,
piped supply of drinking water; perennial recharging of its water bodies, including
wells, tanks and groundwater resources with rain and recycled water; and renewal of
urban and semi-urban forests, parks and wetlands with rich biodiversity.

• Vision: to become a people and nature centric leader in the sustainable
lifestyle space.
• Mission: to inspire people to embrace environmentally sustainable behaviour
by inspiring them to reconnect with their roots by trusting our innovative green
• Goals: To collaborate with as many people and businesses as possible in
order to create a real, meaningful and sustainable change in the next twenty

A distinguished scientist with an experience of 35 years in
a. Remote-Sensing with Satellites
b. Digital Image Processing
c. Software Solutions
d. Geospatial Technologies with ISRO

§ Scientist and Domain specialist with 25 years of experience in Earth Sciences,
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for water, agriculture and allied sectors. He

worked for 25+ years at the World Bank, DFID, the Netherlands-assisted development
support programs, and in government-supported initiatives in the field of Data
Visualization and Analytics.

§ An investor with a background in computer science who founded enterprises in
multimedia publishing domains and pioneered early-stage companies.

§ Globally-recognized architect

§ Urban Environment expert and landscape architect
And many others with a wealth of experience in commerce and public institutions.


• Jayesh Ranjan: IAS Principal Secretary of the I&C and IT Departments of the

Telangana Government
• G. Ranjith Reddy: MP Member of the Lok Sabha
• Arekapudi Gandhi: Govt whip, MLA Member of the Telangana Legislative
• SK Joshi: Former Chief Secretary, Telangana State, ex IAS
• Ajay Mishra: Honorary Chairman. Indian Red Cross Society, Telangana State
Chapter Director – General. Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI)
Former Special Guest Chief Secretary Energy Department. Govt of
• PRAKASH BELAWADI : An Indian theatre, film, television and
media personality, an activist, a thought leader and a journalist
• NAGESH SIDHANTI : Landscape Engineer, Arboriculturist, Urban Forestry
Expert, Biomimicry Design specialist, Past Rotary President, Environmentalist
• Thilotham kolanu : Director, Andhra Pradesh Environmental Management
• Kalpana Ramesh : Founder The Rain Water Project .


(i) Heighten public awareness on climate change, environmental degradation, and the
risks to humans and wildlife.

(ii) Disseminate study reports and recommendations to government, NGOs, and

citizens for:

– Restoring GREATER HYDERABAD’s environment to a sustainable state
– Reducing pollution of earth, water, air, and biodiversity
– Promoting renewable energy and safer technologies within the electromagnetic
– Raising awareness through exhibitions and campaigns

(iii) Facilitate and collaborate in:

– Environmental monitoring projects
– Education, physical and virtual workshops, and capacity-building, such as the “Officer
of Environment” certificate program and a school of environment studies for doctoral
and graduate courses
– Demonstration projects and advocacy
– Promoting regional and international cooperation

(iv) Provide resources for media, communities, and leaders to initiate environmental projects and spark meaningful conversation

(v) Foster healthy relationships through interaction, meetings, and social activities.

(vi) Conduct surveys to document flora and fauna diversity in GREATER HYDERABAD. #BiodiversitySurvey

(vii) Present annual “State of the Ecosystem in GREATER HYDERABAD” report on

World Environment Day.

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