PrepLadder Learners secure top ranks in the AIIMS INI SS 2022 exam

AIIMS INI SS 2022 exam

Telugu super news,India,December 21, 2022: PrepLadder, one of India’s growing online learning platforms, today announced that 23 Learners have secured top ranks in the AIIMS INI SS 2022 Exam. A total of 6 Learners who’ve secured rank 1 in their respective branches had subscribed to PrepLadder as their learning partner during their preparation process for the examinations.

The top rankers who’ve been a part of the PrepLadder community as part of their preparations for INI SS include:

●       Rank – 1 Pediatric Pulmonology and Intensive Care

●       Rank – 1 Medical Genetics

●       Rank – 1 Endocrinology

●       Rank – 1 Pediatric Pulmonology

●       Rank – 1 Clinical Hematology

●       Rank – 1 Haematology-Oncology

Key highlights of the INI SS result:

○       6 Learners have secured Rank 1 across different SS Branch.

○       14 Learners have secured the top 5 ranks across the branch

○       More than 19 Learners secured top 10 ranks across the branches

Dr. Priyanka Singh (Rank – 3, Neonatology), Dr. Kiran Chaudhari (Rank – 11, DM Neonatology), Dr. Kartikeya ( Rank – 8, DM Gastroenterology), Dr. Sachin Krishna (Rank – 1, Endocrinology), Dr. Golla Ramakrishna (Rank – 1, Pediatric Pulmonology and Intensive), Dr. G. Ranjith Reddy (Rank – 10, MCH Plastic Surgery), Dr. Malav Thakkar (Rank – 1, Pediatric Hemato Oncology), Dr. Sarath (Rank – 1, Medical Genetics), and Dr. Pragya (Rank – 7, DM Neonatology) are among the several PrepLadder Learners that have secured top ranks in the examination.

PrepLadder offers a simplified learning experience through easy to understand and engaging videos for Medical PG, NEET SS, Civil Services, and Management Aspirants preparing for competitive exams in their respective fields. In October, 2022 PrepLadder launched ‘Neuros’, an offline institute for medical science post graduate aspirants in Lucknow and Kolkata, which saw tremendous success and high enrollment numbers.

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