Mr. Surya Bezawada all set to make film with Telugu talent..

Telugu super news, Hyderabad, December 20,2022: Mr. Surya Bezawada is a Financial Advisor and has over 20 years of consulting, marketing expertise in implementation of IT Projects, international trade and Franchises.

He is a community leader visionary and philanthropist. His latest venture 6ixcinemas has come out of a very strong community support with prominent community leaders Dr Ms Reddy and Dr Yarlagada Lakshmi Prasad standing by him. He intents to give back to the community by making huge global telugu movies collaborating with telugu talent from all over the world . His first prodcution is stated to release in theatres globally in 2023.

His banner 6ixCinemas production house based out of Toronto has been set up to make global telugu feature films. And 6ixCinemas are keen to bring content driven and technically sound films representing the globally famed Telugu Film Industry.

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