Galaxy Smartphone Consumers Can Now Access Their Digital IDs & Documents, Boarding Passes, Rail Tickets and FASTag Account fromOne Secure Place – Samsung Wallet

Telugu super news,Nationa, July 25 th, 2023:Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has announced that Galaxy smartphone users can now access all their essential Digital IDs such as Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License and Vehicle Registration Certificate as part of Samsung Wallet, reiterating Samsung’s commitment to being a strong partner of India with its vision of #PoweringDigitalIndia. Galaxy smartphone users can also store their Co-WIN vaccination certificates conveniently and securely on their phone.

In addition, Samsung has introduced several new travel and mobility features to the all-new Samsung Wallet, which merges and enhances the existing features of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass on Galaxy smartphones, letting consumers have a seamless card Tap and Pay, UPI payments and bill payments experience.

With these new features, users can recharge and check their FASTag account, save their flight boarding passes for quick & convenient access and leverage a complete solution for train tickets within Samsung Wallet such as booking and saving tickets, checking train status, among others. Users can add train tickets or boarding passes by scanning the QR or barcode or importing the image or PDF to Samsung Wallet.

Users will be able to show proof of identity and travel documents needed to enter airports directly from Samsung Wallet, making it an extremely convenient option for them.

Apart from the four Digital IDs – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License and Vehicle Registration Certificate – users will be able to access over 2,000 other IDs/documents directly from Samsung Wallet. Samsung, however, will not store any of this information and the details will be displayed on the device within the Samsung Wallet app.

“Samsung Wallet is an easy-to-use, secure platform that holds everything a user’s digital life needs. You can access your essentials, including tokenized credit and debit cards, UPI, Digital IDs, travel tickets and boarding passes, Co-WIN vaccine certificates, among others. It includes everything you love about Samsung Pay along with new exciting features from Samsung Wallet. With Samsung Wallet, we are offering consumers an entirely safe and secure environment for accessing their cards, IDs and documents, bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices. This also strengthens our commitment to being a strong partner of India with our vision of Powering Digital India,” said Ms. Reshma Virmani, Director, Services & Engagement, Samsung India.

A dedicated team of engineers, designs and product managers at the Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore (SRI-B), which is Samsung’s largest R&D centre outside Korea, has developed these new features of Samsung Wallet. These features are part of several India-specific features developed by SRI-B for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Users can access UPI, bill payments, Digital IDs, travel and mobility documents, FASTag, Gift cards, Coupons and much more with just a swipe-up to open Samsung Wallet from the off-screen, lock screen and home screen on their Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Wallet goes above and beyond to safeguard your data in a secure environment where it is protected from malware and other potential threats. It uses several special security methods such as tokenization to secure the personal and financial information of users. On top of this, defence-grade security platform Samsung Knox constantly monitors and protects users’ mobile device from malware and other threats. 

Easy Payments using Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay, now merged with Samsung Wallet, is the simple and secure way to pay. Make a payment with just a swipe or tap using your Galaxy smartphone and enjoy convenience at its best.

Secured using Samsung Pass

In addition, Samsung Wallet houses Samsung Pass that gives customers easy access to apps and services through the passwords saved. Samsung Pass offers ‘identity management as-a-service’, enabling secure access through biometric authentication. Users can log in to apps and services with biometric authentication.

As Secure as It Is Simple, Protected by Samsung Knox

Samsung Wallet is protected by a defense-grade security platform, Samsung Knox. Protections include fingerprint recognition and encryption, which help safeguard users’ sensitive data, so only the device owners can access their important information. Along with Samsung Knox, certain key sensitive items in Samsung Wallet are stored in an isolated environment – the embedded Secure Element, which also helps protect against digital and physical hacking.

Even if their phone is lost, users have peace of mind knowing that everything stored in their Samsung Wallet is protected by Samsung Knox and biometric authentication. With SmartThings Find, Samsung Wallet can also be remotely disabled, and users can remotely lock their device for an extra layer of protection.


Galaxy smartphone users can update their existing Samsung Pay service to Samsung Wallet through the Galaxy Store. The update is available through auto mode and manual mode.

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