Bheemadevarapally Branchi Movie review

Telugu super news June 23rd,2023: Bheemadevarapally Branch stars Anji Valguman, Rajava, Sudhakar Reddy, Abhiram, and Rupa Srinivas in the lead roles. The director of this film is Ramesh Cheppala. It is produced by AB Cinemas and Nihal Productions.

The music in the film is beautifully composed by Charan Arjun which adds emotional depth to the story. The cinematography is done by Chitti Babu. He has done tremendous work which provides a great visual experience.

Bonthala Nageswar Reddy has been assigned the responsibility of editing the movie. He has carefully assembled the footage, cut unnecessary parts, and shaped the narrative flow to create a smooth and exciting movie for the audience.

Movie Bheemadevarapally Branch
Language Telugu
Screen 2D
Release Date 23 June, 2023
Stars Anji Valguman, Rajava, Sudhakar Reddy, Abhiram, Rupa Srinivas
Country India
Genres Comedy, Drama
Director Ramesh Cheppala
Producer Bathini Keerthi Latha Goud, Ch. Raja Narendar
Cinematographer K. Chitti Babu
Editor Bonthala Nageswara Reddy
Writer Ramesh Cheppala
Production companies AB Cinemas, Nihal Productions
Bheemadevarapally Branchi movie


Bheemadevarapally Branch belongs to the Neorealism genre. The story portray events in a genuine and realistic way. This movie takes inspiration from a true incident that happened in a remote village. The movie is sure to capture the attention of people all across the nation. It stands as the first-ever Telugu film in this particular genre.

The creators of Bhimadevarapalli Branch put a strong focus on the film’s narration. Their aim is to deliver a story that connects with truth and the reality of life. The approach behind this movie is to touch the hearts of the audience and leave a lasting impact. This is done by presenting a narrative that feels true to life.

In their efforts of maintaining the transparency in the narrative, the production team has made an informed and thoughtful decision when it comes to choosing the cast. They have chosen theater actors and individuals who have a natural acting style.

They also ensured that the performances convey honesty and genuine emotions. This careful selection process ensures that the core of the story remains intact. This captures the unique characteristics of local culture and enables viewers to establish a deeper connection with the film.

Through the Neorealism genre, ‘Bheemadevarapally Branch’ seeks to take the audience into a world that reflects everyday life. It explores human experiences and social issues through a lens that is simple and unfiltered. It invites viewers to engage themselves in the story, resulting in an emotional and inspiring cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

In the field of media and design, Dhani Aelay takes charge. She created the eye-catching promotional materials and visual elements to gain the attention of the viewers.

With a talented cast, a skilled director, accomplished music composer, proficient cinematographer, meticulous editor, and a creative publicity designer, ‘Bheemadevarapally Branch’ is set to fascinate viewers with its powerful story, great visuals and cinematic experience. Rating : 3.5..

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