Aurigene reports results of AUR101 in Phase II Study in Patients with moderate to severe psoriasis

Aurigene reports results

Telugu super news,Bengaluru, December 16, 2022— Aurigene Oncology, a development stage biotechnology company,today reported results of INDUS-3, a Phase IIb double blind placebo-controlled study of AUR101
conducted in the United States, in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis.

The INDUS-3 study, listed at with identifier NCT04855721, met its primary endpoint of
PASI-75 response at 12 weeks at the 400 mg BID dose, when compared to placebo. The primary
endpoint of PASI-75 at 12 weeks at the 200 mg BID dose and the 400 mg QD dose were not met. There
were no safety issues identified in the study. Aurigene will be closing the clinical development of
AUR101 in psoriasis.

“The magnitude of efficacy improvement with AUR101 (versus placebo) in psoriasis are not what we
hoped for in the study. While the positive statistical results at 400 mg BID confirm the role of RORγ in
psoriasis, other agents, such as IL-17 antibodies as well TYK-2 inhibitors, lead to better results. In view
of this, we believe that AUR101 will not add desirable benefit to patients with moderate to severe
psoriasis. Therefore, we have decided to stop the clinical development of AUR101 as an oral drug in
psoriasis. Pursuing AUR101 for other indications with suitable partners remains an option.” said Murali
Ramachandra, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Aurigene.

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